Echoes of Devotion Album with DJ Drez

Echoes of Devotion Album with DJ Drez

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Janet Stone and DJ Drez have joined creative forces and devotional energy to bring a new sound experience to guide you and your practice. This project started in India, when Drez recorded the sangha live in Tiruvannamalai, and mixed it into the first track, Hari Om. They continued their collaboration in-studio, and twelve tracks unfolded that are now in this complete volume, Echoes of Devotion.

If you’ve sung with Janet, or practiced with Drez, you’ll love with this emergent and collaborative effort, which brings us back to the temple of mantra practice. You’ll hear the full tenor of Janet’s voice, and Drez’s sumptuous production and masterful beatmaking. Guest artists on Echoes of Devotion include our dear Marti Nikko on vocals, Eddie Young on bass and cello, and Marty Lieberman on sitar.

Track Listing is as follows:
Hari Om (Tirunnamalai)
Sri Ram
Ganesha Gayatri
Jaya Shiva Shankara
Lotus Feet (Lakshmi)
Hanuman Bolo
Hari Om Ganesha
Guru Mantra

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